Making Merchandise

Make your own merchandise.

A collaboration made to promote your work easily, locally and affordably. This initiative is tailored for makers & business owners - so you can create alternative merchandise. We'll work together to make a small run of patches, just for you. We can work with existing designs or start new ones!

We offer three plans:

Primary 20 Patches $5.50 per patch
30 Patches
$5.25 per patch
40 Patches
$5.00 per patch

Oh, and all your patches will be helping plant trees!

Optional Branding:

Optional Branding Pricing:

Branded Recycled Paper Insert $0.30 per patch
Branded Information Sticker
$0.30 per patch 


The Terms & Conditions (Gross, we know):

All you need say is what they’re made from, that they're made in New Zealand by Tsuika Patches, and that they're helping plant trees! Then you can watch your work make some hard earned cash. There is a small contract involved, assigning all copyright to the artist/business. A one-off establishing fee and shipping costs will apply.  

Let's get creating.

Download our starter guide here - A Guide To Making Merchandise / Contact us